When famed blogger Heather Armstrong divorced her husband, the blogosphere went nuts asking why

Tomato Curry Chicken and Rice Curry is one of those things that you either like or you hate. Sort of like licorice. I love curry and it turns out Kenai loves curry too! I had never actually cooked with it so I was happy to get this recipe from my good friend, Taffany. Taffany is one of those people who just makes you stop and go, “Oh. Just knowing her is like going to your first decent diversity training.


Oscar, Oscar The Shakespeare-typing monkeys have been temporarily reassigned from their usual clerical duties in order to tabulate the Oscar Pool ballots. Be that as it may, here are thoughts on the top six categories. Very surprisingly, there is also strong, strong support for Finding Neverland.

On his blog, , Jon Armstrong talks about his experience when his father died: I was talking about grief with my family over the holiday weekend and I was struck by the time it took me to feel normal after my dad died.

My own footsteps Blog Yeah, kitt finished writing this at I wasn’t particularly fast, and kept running shorter and shorter races the mile in junior high, the in high school and the in college. Going to a small, division-III school meant that, well, I could still rack up the points at tournaments coming in second or third against a lot of other small schools.

I wish I had been stronger mentally, so that I could have been a better runner, but I did okay. I and three of my teammates held the 4 x relay record from until it was broken in Not too bad, actually. Even had our names on the big record board in the women’s locker room. Today, I was goofing off online, randomly googling for friends, when I stumbled across Andy’s 9th overall triple jump distance in the Caltech records.

I immediately went to check out the women’s top performance’s , too. I recognized a lot of names of classmates and teammates on the list, though many of them were lower on the list. The relay times weren’t listed, which disappointed me a little bit, until I realized, holy crap! I was the 8th fastest m female Caltech runner. I showed the times to Kris, and his first comment was, “Hey!

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I started this website in February A year later I was fired from my job for this website because I had written stories that included people in my workplace. Her relationship with the church has caused some controversy, as Armstrong is no longer a member. She attended Brigham Young University, which she has said is one of the worst places that exists and that she left the Church the day after she graduated.

In , Armstrong accepted graphic ads and wrote that the revenue from the advertisements would be her family’s principal source of income while her husband made the transition to manage her advertising and business. Since then, she has appeared in Suave advertisements that feature her own image and trademark.

I was able to attend the Dad Summit in New Orleans with a bunch of Dad Bloggers earlier this month. It was awesome.

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In Defense of Divorced Moms: Back To That Post About Dooce

What I have been doing in the last [redacted] days since posting here. James Spader is involved. Hell, I have never gone this long without checking my comments. And thanks for that. Homeland meets Silence of the Lambs meets 24! Bald James Spader in dark glasses!

On , I share photos, bits and pieces of my life and talk about technology along with some politics from time to time. I’ve never considered myself a writer and I have continued this site as an excuse to keep hacking away at writing.

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Love and Sex

They tell me when I’ve got life on my mind A friend JCB once told me that she didn’t trust me alone in a room with her man, because she felt I was the type of person who wouldn’t have any qualms about doing the dirty with someone else’s fiancee. I never understood that, and I still don’t now.

Contemporary architecture create designs that personify all the distinctions in styles, making the buildings of modern-day times masterpieces. Cutting away from.

Thinkstock By Corrie Pikul When it comes to quality shut-eye, research has shown that women are the sleepless sex. They tend to have a harder time falling asleep than men and are more easily startled or jostled awake. Despite this, more women than men claim they’re loath to give up spending the night at their partner’s side. Here are the most common co-sleeping issues women have, and how to solve them.

One possible explanation has to do with sex hormones, which affect how long we sleep overall and the amount of time we spend in each stage. Women’s levels of estrogen and progesterone tend to fluctuate, especially during menstruation, pregnancy and menopause. Dittami says it’s important for each member of a couple to focus on his or her own go-to-sleep routines. If yours involves reading in bed, look for a gooseneck light with a focused, just-strong-enough beam, because even a small amount of diffuse light can disrupt your partner, according to Dittami.

Leave the iPad and laptop, with their sleep-inhibiting blue glow, in the other room. Because sleeping men tend to be less sensitive to movement, Dittami says you don’t need to worry about waking him when you climb into bed.

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They exposed us to the blessing we call the Sea, and you could say it was love at first sight. I am Christina Renee, I fell in love with that hunk down below and it is my life ambition to make him my baby daddy. This blog gives me an opportunity to be creative, which after staring at black and white numeros all the live long day is an absolute necessity.

I am not here much anymore as you eagle-eye readers might have noticed. (Can’t get anything by you!) Here’s where you can find me instead: Cool Mom Picks.

She was really wet. People called her and she came. She came slinking down the steps and across the sidewalk on her belly, flat to the ground, ears tight against her head. Then she gave them her tummy to rub. But if they asked her to follow them to a car she wouldn’t go, she would crawl back up onto the stoop and sit again. Unfortunately she only had a PowerBar on her.

The dog was OK with that, swallowed it in a gulp and retreated to the stoop again. By the time Pony Express was done with her work day this dog had been sitting on that stoop in the cold, driving rain for well over 12 hours.

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