Tweeters From Head Unit or Amp?

This confusion is also a likely cause of many blown power amplifiers. This article is intended to explain the meaning of speaker impedance and guide the reader in connecting multiple speakers to an amplifier. This article is NOT intended for engineers, technicians, or even serious students of electronics technology. What are ohms, anyway? The ohm is the unit of measure for impedance, which is the property of a speaker that restricts the flow of electrical current through it. Typical speakers have impedance ratings of 4 ohms, 8 ohms or 16 ohms.

Is it OK to hook up 8 ohms speakers to….

The amplifier can only operate correctly if the amp is wired to the speaker the right way. Improper wiring can cause malfunction of the amp and speaker. To get the best sound quality out of your car stereo it is imperative that you wire the cars audio system correctly. No power should be going to the amp or the speakers.

Eight-ohm speakers can be run with a 4-ohm amp. One 8-ohm speaker plays loudly with only half the current from the amp, but if two 8-ohm speakers are connected in parallel, the resistance in each speaker falls to 4 ohms to match the amp.

How do you hook up an amp? Make sure that the power wire and aux cable are on opposite sides of the vehicle for less distortion and interference. MORE What is the difference between a 2 channel and 4 channel amp? You will need what is called an L. It is used to convert speaker lines into an RCA output. If it’s running so hot you can’t touch it, in most cases it will be due to either the way the speakers are hooked up or the impedence of the speakers. You can incresse the resistance to the amp to have it run cooler by connecting speakers in series or getting speakers with a higher ohm rating.

How to Hook Up Heads and Cabinets

What does that mean? Well if you know what voltage and current and power are, then one way to look at impedance is how much of the power you are putting out is in voltage and how much is in current? That ratio is one interpretation of impedance. The ratio of voltage to current coming out of power tubes is relatively high. But you need lots of current to make a speaker move, so you have to trade some of that voltage in for more current.

That’s what a transformer does.

Apr 13,  · I’m pretty sure my subs were still running at 2 ohms but they were hooked up the wrong way. This is the right way to hook 2 4 ohm subwoofers up @ 2 ohms.

Roy loves box chevys: I have 4 2 ohm subs jus like that. Will an audio pipe mine run them at 1 ohm? Thanks freaking awesome information cheers Paul Messamore: I have 2 memphis power refrence 12 in Dvc 4ohms with a rockville class D mono block wired the last way you demonstrated and i feel like its still not hitting as hard as it should.

I have a sealed box. It sounds good but not great the way it should i have a 95 tacoma extended cab should be beating me to death but isnt Great video big help thanks Jason Woodson: Why can’t you hook that one sub up to a 2 ohm load? Im new to the music lane.. Can any one show me a video on how to do so..

How To Hook Up Two 4 Ohms Subwoofers @ 2 Ohms On A Mono Block Amp

This makes the GTO an ideal match to systems powered with head-unit or factory-amplifier power levels, or even with many of the GTO Series amplifier combinations to help keep up with systems that feature one or more subwoofers. And its great power-handling specifications also increase reliability over the lifetime of the speaker.

With an effective increase in cone area, the speaker radiates more air. Also, the carbon-injected cone material produces a lighter and stiffer cone. The result is a better low-frequency response and a greater ability to make those important musical notes that people often associate with larger speaker sizes.

Yes, but use two 8 ohm speakers wired in parallel on each speaker output port. Two 8 ohm loads in parallel provides the proper 4 ohm impedance. That being said, you can also put a single 8 ohm speaker load on an output designed for a 4 ohm load.

Can’t find your answer? Get the answer Jan 31, , 6: Jan 31, , 6: If your amp is saying 8 ohms, and nothing on fine print is saying it can handle lower, then whatever you do, DO NOT make it see less than 8 ohms. So the receiver watt 2 Ch with connections for an A and a B set of speakers booklet shows: Also assume if A wired serial and B wired paralleled, can I at times just play the A or just the B ie just play music in 1 room?

Truly appreciate your help! If the receiver can handle 4 ohms then it would put them in parallel to provide greater power. You can add an outboard speaker selector with impedance matching to maintain an 8 ohm load to the receiver. You can also use an impedance matching volume control for each pair. These allow you to set the impedance that the receiver sees as well as allowing control of the volume of each pair.


Connecting individual woofers in a series configuration is not common in car audio. This is a lot more common in musical instrument guitar and bass guitar speaker cabinets. In the diagrams below, you can see the relative current flow from the amplifier’s outputs indicated by the red arrows into various loads. At the bottom, you can see that 2 ohm mono two 4 ohm speakers bridged is the same as 1 ohm stereo four 4 ohm speakers per channel.

So the ‘old’ amp I am replacing and the ‘new’ amp have A & B speaker inputs and up until right now, all 4 speakers have been traditionally wired (+ & – on each speaker to red & black on amp).

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How can i hook up 4 speakers to 1, 2 channel amp??

Did this video help you? Haaaaaaaaaaa go to school Dillon Mccray: If you do the big three wire upgrade on your car it helps alot just look up the big three upgrade on YouTube if you haven’t done it already CallMeDaddy III: So I could hook up 2 8ohm subs to a 4ohm amp?

Nov 20,  · But if you do the reverse to hook up a 2 ohm speaker to a 4 ohm amp then you’ll running the risk of over heating your amp as now your amp will need to work twice as hard to push a 2 ohm speaker. So, apply this logic its should be okay.

Feb 26, Interesting read from: The other is that it is fine to mismatch, but you may lose power. Should the impedence match? If yes, then how quickly could you damage your amp when you have a mismatched impedence? Chuck, technically, you should always provide a load that is recommended by the manufacturer of the amp. The designer of the amp chose a particular output device tube and specified all of the operating voltages for the output stage so the tube would work at its optimum efficiency while delivering maximum power to the load with minimum distortion.

Ok, so let’s discuss the problems associated with mismatches.

6 ohm receiver 8 ohm speakers. Will that work?

February 6, Can a 6 ohm amp drive 4 ohm speakers? It’s never a good idea to driver speakers with an amp that isn’t designed for the load. If your amp or receiver is intended for 6 or 8 ohm speakers, a lower impedance can cause problems. If you do connect speakers with a lower than recommended impedance, your amp will probably not blow up immediately.

A well designed 4 ohm speaker system will usually present a more ideal load to an amp than a poorly designed 8 ohm speaker. What About Sensitivity? The higher the sensitivity of a speaker, the louder it will play at a given power level than a less efficient design.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. If you don’t want a technical discussion, I’ll just say up front that a quality amplifier such as an Onkyo will almost certainly be able to handle 4 ohm speakers at nearly any volume you are likely to listen to them. Lower impedance speakers will be more stress on the amp, but not hugely more. The first guy is wrong in saying that that the amp would have to work “harder” to drive an 8 ohm speaker than a 4 ohm.

Power is power, so watts into an 8 ohm speaker is the same as watts into a 4 ohm. The difference is that the amp has to supply more current to the 4 ohm than to the 8 ohm, which is tougher on the amp. Half the impedance means current squared has to double, so current has to go up by square root of two for the same power into a one half impedance speaker.

Speakers are not resistors, they are actually big coils of wire around a magnet therefore they are inductors. When an alternating current signal which is what the amp puts out to make the speaker produce sound of different frequencies is applied to an inductor the measure of the resistance to current flow is called impedence.

Can I Use An 8 Ohm Speaker With A 4 Ohm Amp?

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