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This is best done on a calm day, or pointing into the wind. Using a Mast Crane 1 With the mast lying along the centerline of your T22 foot towards the bow , attach the backstay and outer shrouds. The upper pully of the lift should be a few feet in front of your mast base so it has leverage to pull your mast forward. As you are lifting, slowly swing the mast foot back towards its base until the shrouds become tight, but keep the mast foot supported above the deck hold it up with your hands — you are only guiding it, the hoist is doing all the lifting. You will notice that as the mast nears vertical, the foot will naturally settle towards its base. Take up slack in all attached shrouds.

McLaren 720S

Mysteries and Marvels of the Animal World. They have a slow and peculiar way of moving about. In fact, they are the slowest land mammals and travel very sluggishly on the ground 0. However, when moving through the trees, they walk upside down hanging from branches and travel at a slightly quicker speed 0. Their top speed is when climbing, and is used in emergency situations, i.

Jan 22,  · my friends raptor did the same. I did the 3 mod, pc3, fci intake w/ box, dmc force 4, and 15tooth front sprocket, and i was able to be clocked at 78mph on pavement tho this time. I think the bike has more left in it, i ran out of room on the road and had to get hard on the brakes, i am sure the bike has 80mph in her if i tuck more.

The mighty Raptor R SE is ready to go whether the destination is the dunes, the trails or the track. Big- Bore Power Powered by our most potent big-bore Raptor engine ever — cc of liquid-cooled, fuel-injected power. The engine produces big torque right off idle, transitioning into a fat mid-range and monstrous topend. Advanced Chassis Big power and lightweight, a combination that makes any ATV rider take notice, is standard on the Raptor R SE, with a hybrid steel aluminum frame and Controlled-Fill aluminum sub-frame and cast aluminum swingarm combining to produce a super-strong structure and the lightest ATV in its class.

Rider- Friendly Features A thick comfortable seat provides excellent comfort while the dual counterbalancers, electric starting, and reverse keep things nice and civilized when needed, but when it comes time to pull the trigger the big-bore Raptor R SE stands tall. Thanks to the 9. With the combination of power, solid handling, and a great suspension this machine has to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Forged lightweight piston, connecting rod and crankshaft in the cc engine are light and strong, for a hard-hitting, quick-revving powerplant that revs all the way to rpm. Dual counterbalancers keep it smooth. Yamaha Fuel Injection YFI means consistently excellent engine performance in a wide range of conditions, elevations and temperatures. Reliable push-button electric start in any gear adds extra convenience.

YZ-spec ratchet shifter ensures smooth, resistance-free shifting under power.

OT Anyone ride a Triumph T595 or 955i ?

As Real As It Gets: Supercharged and turbocharged engines making over 1, hp on pump gas are the hottest rage right now. Monster big-blocks and super fancy LS engines seem to be in every driveway across the land. Naturally, a top-of-the-line TH or high-end exotic Overdrive transmission back one of these unbelievable powerplants, or maybe even one of those fancy six-speed manual transmissions has found its way into the trans tunnel.

First test of Yamaha R-1 powered Raptor quad built by Xtreme Motorworks. yamaha raptor turbo vs yamaha raptor cc. Yamaha Raptor r Top Speed Test [Radar gun]. drag race yamaha raptor vs yamaha banshee.

My has been above mph UK on the clock. Thats quick enough for me From: Friday, 11 September, , 2: I’m a bit dubious about the bikez. Some descriptions don’t match any bike that Triumph made! Just what is a Trophy reduced effect? It also doesn’t give any information for the bhp version, and says a Trophy produced bhp and had a top speed of mph! I’ve tried to clarify things in my mind by creating a spreadsheet which does some ‘first principles’ calculations on the gearing for the Trophy.

It uses gearbox ratios, sprocket sizes and tyre sizes to calculate speed against rpm.

raptor 700 top speed

After some improvements I’m much happier now but not as much as I expected. I have still some lags in browser and random delays on home screen. The Asus keyboard works badly Android counterpart works fine but also with visible delays.

Independent double wishbone w/piggyback high/low-speed compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustment, in travel Suspension / Rear: Cast aluminum swing arm w/piggyback high/low-speed compression, rebound and threaded preload adjustment, in travel.

Please, explain exactly what your statement means? Your just being an azz w a statement like that CRC , My Donzi 22 Classic ran with the stock HO. Here is a vid of a quick run up over 80 on Lake Erie: He upgraded with a Whipple and XR Drive. He is running We are now in the process of upgrading again with a Raylar bottom end and heads along with his Whipple setup.

He is looking for a conservative HP. We will keep you updated on the speeds when this white stuff goes away: Boat runs into the mark. Boat went from to

2014 Yamaha Raptor 700 Review: Trail Test

Authored by Staff Writer. Compared to its contemporaries, the T is one of the best protected tanks in the world and also one of the most heavily armed combat systems. As with other Soviet-era tanks, the T makes use of an integrated autoloader, three-man crew and low profile design. With the fall of the Soviet Empire in , the Russian military fell into a period of low morale and curtailed spending.

Yamaha Raptor Key Features: • Aggressive styling makes the Raptor look as menacing as it really is. The mighty Raptor is ready to go whether the destination is the dunes, the.

A popular enduro-styled all-rounder, the Tiger has been updated this year with a new cc three-cylinder engine producing PS bhp – making it the most powerful machine in its class. The starter sprag clutch and alternator have been moved to the end of the crankshaft resulting in a reduction in weight and improved engine refinement, with less mechanical noise especially at idle, whilst the gearchange selector mechanism has been redesigned to give a smoother, more positive action.

In addition the new engine features high-pressure die-cast HPDC crankcases, which facilitates improved consistency of manufacture and casting accuracy. The Tiger motor’s prodigious midrange torque output, rising to a peak of 97N. With its enduro-style chassis giving a roomy, upright riding position, the Tiger provides excellent visibility, enhancing rider safety as well as allowing maximum enjoyment of the view.

The seat can be adjusted to suit a range of rider heights. Chassis design combines a purpose-designed steel perimeter frame with high quality, long travel suspension. Both the front forks and rear monoshock have been designed primarily for road riding, and cope superbly with a wide variety of surfaces. The suspension and rigid frame combine with well-chosen geometry to make the Tiger agile and enjoyable through the most demanding corners, yet ensure stability at speed and when heavily loaded.

Twin front and single rear disc brakes with twin-piston calipers provide reassuring and controllable stopping power. Featuring new, more aggressive graphics, the bike retains the distinctive twin-headlamp look for which the Tiger has become known.

1921 Bugatti Type 13

The T tank was a Soviet light infantry tank used during many conflicts of the s as well as during World War II. It was a development of the British Vickers 6-Ton tank and is widely considered one of the most successful tank designs of the s. It was produced in greater numbers than any other tank of the period, with more than 11, produced. During the s, the USSR developed approximately 53 variants of the T , including other combat vehicles based on its chassis.

Twenty-three of these were mass-produced. The T was used extensively in the armies of Spain, China and Turkey.

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June 05, , I don’t know why 4t e guys just don’t wire the thing for thier cars. IT seems soo dam simple. All the 4t65 has is some piece of crap called a pressure manifold which is a piece of plastic with buttons on the valve body side. THe pressure pushes those buttons to tell the PCM what the tranny is doing and if its doing what it wants. The other piece of crap is a speed sensor and relucture wheel on the input sprocket. THe rest of the stuff look like typical 4t e parts.

Guess thats like the downshift selinod or something. Pre 95 guys are fub out of luck. Those E trannies have different setups it’s hard to tell what they have.


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